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My Life

Set you free

Searching the stars

in blue sky above

Thinking of nightfears

'cause you left me alone

Didn't think it would be

that easy for you to leave

But guess I was wrong

'Cause at the end of the song

you were gone

I was standing there

in this huge room

Crowded with people

but feeling alone

The night driving home



Like my knight in shining armour

you have been always there

You didn't say goodbye

because you don't care

But if you would've tried

you know

I wouldn't have let you go

Even if you would've lied

I'd rather died

than seeing you walk away


You said you still love me

and only me

So why did you go

to leave me for her?

You said she's history

a stop in your lifestory


I was happy the day

you said you love me

And I still cry at night

There's just this picture

of you and her in my head

and I'm really sad

Of all people

I trusted you the most

And what did I get?

You leaving me

And me being sad

How did it happen?

I know

You never tried

to let her go

She was always there

But I didn't care

And now I'm defending you

At the ending of me and you


'Cause now I say

It was my fault she was here

And there

And everywhere

Just go with her

Be happy again

I'm loving you too much

to not let you go

That's all I know

And in my heart

you'll always be the biggest part


Life without you

wouldn't be worth living

And life with you

was so much giving

Today I set you free

Just go

and be happy without me

23.2.08 18:56

I remember once you promised me

That I could count on you

I remember once you promised me

You would always see me through

I remember once you told me

You loved me from the day we met

It’s funny looking back now

How soon we all forget.

I asked you why you did it

Why you broke the promises you made,

I asked myself in deepest thoughts

Why I let our feelings fade.

I’m sorry that you loved me

Though I never said the words to you

I’m sorry i'm so damaged

I just wish that we could start anew.

But I know now that’s not how it is

That isn’t how it goes,

Life gives and takes and breaks us down

And we get over what it throws.

You told me once you couldn’t be my friend

But for tonight we’ll just pretend

And we cannot go back to the way we were

Because you left me and came back with her.

There are some things that cannot be repaired

And sometimes I wonder if we ever cared.

[by Bobbyboots]
23.2.08 19:36

"People by their nature are always on the lookout for intruders. Trying to prevent those on the outside from getting in. But there will always be those who force their way into our lives, just as there will be those who we invite in...but the most troubling of all, will be the one's who stand on the outside looking in. The one's we never truly get to know."



23.2.08 20:15

"And it’s just about now,
That the tears start to fall.
And I wonder if I’m gonna make it at all."

[Just About Now - Faith Hill]

24.2.08 11:09

so, altes desi mal nen bissel bearbeitet. hmm vielleicht design ich bald mal wieder was so wie früher.. mal sehn.
24.2.08 11:57

schreibblockade? nuja dafür gibts gfx-stuff

joa, leider hab ich immernoch so ne art schreibblockade. kA, warum. ist irgendwie so, weiß auch nicht, ideen hab ich aber schreiben? hmm naja vllt kommts ja bald wieder, hoff ich.


naja in der zeit hab ich mal wieder 2 kleinere grafiken gebastelt. ^^


24.2.08 12:17

mehr Grafisches

wo ich gerad dabei bin ^^.. hab da noch was gefunden


ziemlich langweilig, ich weiß...



24.2.08 12:29

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