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I remember once you promised me

That I could count on you

I remember once you promised me

You would always see me through

I remember once you told me

You loved me from the day we met

It’s funny looking back now

How soon we all forget.

I asked you why you did it

Why you broke the promises you made,

I asked myself in deepest thoughts

Why I let our feelings fade.

I’m sorry that you loved me

Though I never said the words to you

I’m sorry i'm so damaged

I just wish that we could start anew.

But I know now that’s not how it is

That isn’t how it goes,

Life gives and takes and breaks us down

And we get over what it throws.

You told me once you couldn’t be my friend

But for tonight we’ll just pretend

And we cannot go back to the way we were

Because you left me and came back with her.

There are some things that cannot be repaired

And sometimes I wonder if we ever cared.

[by Bobbyboots]
23.2.08 19:36

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